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September 15, 2017

Paragon Coin: Crypto Meets Cannabis

Paragon Coin is still in an ICO state but is making huge waves within the cryptocurrency community.

The Background of Paragon

Paragon is a hot new ICO making a ton of waves within the cryptocurrency community. Headed up by Jessica Versteeg, former super model turned crypto mogul, and has a vast amount of experience both in her quiver and the team she has selected to help her. Couple the team they have formed with business partners like CannaBrand, IOTA Foundation, ICO Box, and Chronobank you can see they mean business.


So what is Paragon, well as they describe on their site, they are trying to bring “safety, responsibility, and transparency in the cannabis industry”. They aim to do that with a immutable ledger, apps that interact with information stored in the blockcahin, and anonymous patient identification. Sounds cool, right? Well how would it work? It starts with downloading a wallet, then you schedule a doctors appointment. After the Doctor verifies his credentials, the perscription is signed by the doctor, Your MMJ ID is signed by the Doctor and the Dispensary verifies that same MMJ ID and your prescription all through the Paragon network. Now, you would select whatever product one would want, and this is where the power of the blockchain for the consumer comes in. You can verify harvesting info, strain information, growing information, and processing data related to that strain, at the touch of your finger in that same app. That happens by labs verifying the THC/THC-A/CBD levels of the product chosen and keeping history of the products on the ledger. After your ID, perscription, and medicine are selected, payment (for right now until legislation changes) will still be done via credit card or cash. After the product leaves the store, the inventory is now updated for all in store and online shoppers within the app. This is a medical marijuana hand holding process through the entire process, something most would find tremendously valuable.

Now you have our ears perked up a bit.


Paragon: Time To Buy

The market has historically reacted well to cannabis related or industry coins / tokens but let’s face it… this is really the first coin to surface that really approaches the cannabis industry for what it is, a multi billion dollar farming enterprise coupled with a huge distribution network of medical practitioners, dispensary owners, and of course patients. Below we have highlighted how the coins will be broken down during their start up stage. It is important to note they are withholding over half of the supply for a 2021 distribution, and between 2021 and now a ton can change with legislation around the cannabis industry and a fully legal, whether for medical or recreational, USA would be good for someone aiming to bring a community and uniform experience nationwide. Their vision to me, seems reminiscent to what Starbucks must have been aiming for when they wanted to go national.

Their roadmap right now, has them ahead of schedule for selling out of their crowdsale stock of coins, which ends on October 15th. the thing is, the price of ICO priced tokens increase by 5 cents per day until they are all sold. The ICO closes officially on the 15th and as of November 1st, they will begin looking for “Paragon Spaces”, which they define as a chain of “high tech, fully equipped ParagonCoin centers in 29 stated where cannabis is legal with the following:

  • Professional coworking space for cannabis and a creative hub for scientists, journalists, investors, marketers, doctors, developers, fintech specialists, entrepreneurs, startups and lawyers in the cannabis space
  • Business mentors and advisors
  • Conference, event, research and educational space for the legalized cannabis industry
  • Photo/Audio/video studio for product shoots, interviews, podcasts, etc.
  • Social Club / Café for Paragon Coin Club members
  • Web and in-app co-working, event, conference reservation system with instant PRG payment
  • Member dashboard for membership registration, transaction history, networking, scheduling, event lists, etc.
  • Cafe/snacks menu and simple checkout process with PRG
  • Specialized Retail services and SPAs with CBD products at a flagship location with PRG payment and tipping (retail of cannabis products at SPAs limited to jurisdictions where such cannabis products are legal)


It would seem they are focusing much more on a coworking space vibe than a Amsterdam cafe or stoner lounge. This may be the enterprise and corporate kick the medical marijuana needs to go main stream corporate in the realm of starbucks or panera bread.

The Facts

I think there are definitely some important things to consider here:

  • This coin is based off Ethereum
  • 200,000,000 total coins, 100M available now during Stage 1 Crowdsale. Stage 2 is at earliest, 2021.
  • By November 15th, 2017 they will be listed on Exchanges
  • February 2018 they break ground on their first location

The Point Is…

While the markets have started to rebound slightly, this coin is still our top watched ICO right now. At $1.05 as of this writing and a 5 cent increase per day, I think we will not see much of a hit when the coin goes public. As 2018 gears up, I see these guys making news both in the medical marijuana circles and cryptocurrency groups. I really believe in the team this coin has behind it based off looking at their linkedin accolades. We here at CCTC have definitely picked up some Paragon Tokens and we suggest you do the same. They will be a HODL asset until atleast mid 2018. In case you missed the links throughout the article, we have a link that will get you 5% extra Paragon coins by signing up with our referral link HERE.

Also, when you are purchasing Paragon coin and funding the wallet, make sure you also purchase your paragon coin, which is listed as a separate step and will be required prior to you having any actual paragon tokens.

More to come in the following days for sure.









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