Coins To Watch: ATBCoin, OmiseGO, and Lisk

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September 4, 2017
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Coins To Watch: ATBCoin, OmiseGO, and Lisk

The world is rapidly adopting the use of digital currencies and as a matter of fact, there are many cryptocurrencies available out there. These are the ones we suggest keeping a close eye on this month

Though, bitcoin has really made a name for itself among the cryptos we have available to us, there are many potential coins available out there now that we believe will be highly profitable, some of which are Atbcoin, Omisego, and Lisk

ATB Coin

Atbcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies available now and many companies have started to propose on its usage across the globe. As of this writing, they put out a press release announcing they will be listed on Bittrex. It is well renowned so much so that it is making headlines on pages of the world media websites like Botchain, the Bitcoin News, and NewsBtc as well as some finance publishers.

EDIT: 9/5/17 2:13PM EST The article mentioned a press release; Their press release has since been taken down. As of this writing, ATB Coin has stated when asked for an official comment by Cryptocurrency traders Club “The official information will appear later about the exchange, there are uncompleted formalities, which we can not speak about yet.”.

EDIT: 9/5/17 9:43PM EST When reached out to for comment, Bittrex added: “Any team which states they will be listed on Bittrex is lying to you because we never state if a coin will be listed or not. There have been rare occasions where we have given a team permission to put out a press release but only when their ICO was over.”.

On June 12 it took an amazing and successful start off to business after the launch of the well known crowdsale or ICO . Within 24 hours, ATB or Alternative Technological Base raised more than $ 12 million. The project’s investors as of that moment comprised of 287 people who received bonuses automatically based on their hierarchical position in the establishment. At Atb Coin’s original price of $ 1, the objective of the investment of such project was 50,000,000 ATB. As of this writing, they are now at over 9,500 investors and are getting closer to that 50 million coin push.

Atb coin has been setting pace, which shouldn’t be surprising as it was created based on the most advanced technologies obtainable for this venture. There is no doubt that ATB, powered by Lightning Network which is a new protocol being used nowadays more and more to optimize the network of blocks, will make the speed at which transactions take place overwhelmingly fast with the use of Atb network.
Another beautiful thing about ATB Lightning Network is its multi-signature operating mode that generates two packages generates for two private keys in the “2 of 2” cryptography scheme. Two coins are required to use coins stored in this address. This feature is essential for many companies.

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The demand for cryptocurrencies has led to the inception of another coin called Omisego Coin; It has about $54 million crowdfunding which has ultimately resulted in its market stability. The demand has driven its returns thus far, but if this coin is well and properly executed, it can lead to a huge opportunity to allocate and distribute capital properly.

OmiseGO is a public Ethereum-based financial technology for use in mainstream digital wallets, that enables real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services agnostically across jurisdictions and organizational silos, and across both fiat money and decentralized currencies. Obviously the value should not be hard to grasp but given this coins eagerness to “moon”, we believe this organization is going to be a long term player and a more bearish, multi year asset.


Lisk is an interesting coin I didn’t have much faith in prior…. until I started researching the business use case. The below text is taken from their website:

The Lisk Foundation believes in a decentralised future. In order to achieve this, Lisk strives to make blockchain technology accessible for everybody by building a blockchain application platform likewise for users and developers.

On May 24th 2016 the Lisk blockchain network went live with its own cryptocurrency called LSK. From that date, the Lisk Foundation is working hard together with its contractors towards the release of their Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is a framework written in JavaScript to deploy your own blockchain network next to the main Lisk network. Decentralised applications can be built on top of your own blockchain.

Possibilities are endless, like developing platform independent social networks, messengers, games and so on. All on your own blockchain network including corresponding token, fully decentralised, and all this without the hassle of complicated consensus algorithms or peer-to-peer networking protocols.

Obviously, this will be huge…

What problem is Lisk solving?

In early 2016, after several years participating within the Blockchain industry, Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows saw a lack of developer adoption. With the vision to make Blockchain technology more accessible, they imagined a Blockchain framework which accelerates and simplifies development.

What makes the Lisk platform different?

Lisk is more than just developer tools. It’s an opportunity to become part of the biggest technological innovation since the Internet. Lisk aims to make Blockchain technology more accessible with an SDK written in JavaScript, special focus on user experience, developer support and in-depth documentation.

The Lisk Foundation set itself the goal to inspire and educate entrepreneurs and developers alike. The ultimate goal is to bring talent into the Blockchain industry by enabling developers to build the decentralized future with our SDK. Hereby, we will provide an easy entry to take people from the idea to the product.

Most alternative solutions are either single Blockchain based or are tailored for private Blockchains. Lisk strives to offer the best of both worlds. The Lisk mainchain offers stability and security while sidechains are utilized to have unlimited flexibility. This way, Lisk offers developers an environment where they have full control to create their own Blockchain network as a sidechain but don’t have to confront the complexity of creating a Blockchain network from scratch.







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