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June 23, 2017
July 2, 2017

The Next Three Big Things In Crypto

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A lot of persons often say these words, “what a time to be alive”, but I reckon, they were wrong because this is indeed the time to be alive. The time were the internet has taken over and digital currencies have upped out of thin air and are not looking back. It surely is exciting times for digital currency and after the inception and growth of bitcoin there is still some promise left on those hot trails. Here you go with the next three big things in digital currency: ripple, iota and wagerr.


Ripple is a real-time payment system that allows easy exchange of money between individuals without limitations based on their banks or locations, but that’s just talk, here’s why you might want to invest your cash.

Banks are usually the first thoughts of anybody when the topic of money comes up. So, we may think of banks as the big trees in the financial world, which attract only the best and profitable investments to themselves like wind. Lately, Ripple has been the wind almost all major banks are attracting to themselves. Ripple might as well be in business forever as they have a superb business strategy that involves all the big trees in the currency market. This strategy is a guarantee that their partners are companies that also hope to be in business for as long as there is life. So, as an individual doing day trading, Ripple is the going to be a platform you can rely on and with all the big trees around the currency is bound to blow through the roof.

ripple price


IOTA I another growing market, it is an open-source circulated ledger protocol engrossed in serving as the pillar of the emergent Internet of Things. The distinctive factor from other platforms is that it is based on Tangle rather than blockchain. So, as usual, let’s leave out all those boring details, here’s why you should invest with iota:

  • Free and instant transactions without any middle man interference, miners fee or even block conformation.
  • Big partners like Microsoft means guarantee of growth; Bill Gates is investing fellas.
  • ICO investors have already invested over $80.000.000, and are sure not going to let that down the drain.
  • The aura of new technology is always refreshing.
  • Working with popular and skilled developers like Dominik Schiener and David Sonstebo.

iota price


So, we’ll go straight to why you should invest in wager right away

  • Controlled supply of coins
  • Transparent business model on a massive market
  • Fantastic way to use blockchain technology, especially with the use of smart contracts
  • Issue of remote betting solved, now you may bet in different currencies and play by different different rules
  • There is a Massive market for wager which is online betting online
  • A team that comprises of business people and companies as well as developers

This coin just left ICO and has no tracker available as of right now.

It’s the year 2017 and if you havn’t been in coma all these while then you would agree this is the times we live for.

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