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July 1, 2017
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July 5, 2017


The Million or in this case, Billion Dollar Question…

It is going to be unfair if I start off assuming that we all know Charlie Lee. So, for the good crypto people that have no idea who Charlie is ere you go. Charlie Lee is a business oriented individual who worked for a long list of companies including Google once we had finished college in 1999. While on the books of Google, Charlie was responsible for developing some of Google products like the ChromeOS, Youtube, and Google Play Games. I know, right? What a legend. Charlie probably always had an eye for cryptocurrency because in 2011 he created and established Litecoin. Now, about Litecoin, it is the third oldest surviving cryptocurrency behind only Bitcoin and Namecoin. That’s it for Charlie Lee.

Now Satoshi Nakamoto is another character in the main stream. Just in case you had no idea, the inventor of bitcoin was christened by that name, pardon my use of “christened”, I was born catholic. Bottom line is the inventor is paraded as Satoshi but I truth nobody knows who he really is/was, and I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t obliged to find out if they were the same person, because all that matters is that you get money, right? Satoshi is touted to be a man living in Japan and born on April 5th, 1975. In the middle of the year 2010, Satoshi passed off the source code repository and network alert key to well-known Gavin Andresen and saw off the original domains to a number of dignitaries within the Bitcoin Community.

Now let’s get back to the reason for this piece. After some digging, I discovered that Charlie Lee graduated from The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey in the year 1999. This means his approximate year of birth will be between 1975 and 1977. Does this confirm that he is the same man? Maybe not, coincidences happen all the time.

Charlie recently told the world via Twitter that he is no Satoshi, but would he tell us if he was anyway? This is no slate on the man, more events will unfold and we’ll know who is Satoshi or Charlie, but until then it is fun reading these things off the news. It does suggest that the digital currency world is even bigger than we know, so, stay positioned to make some bucks out of it all.

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